Sometimes I think we should just stop

and appreciate all the faces tennis has to offer us.

you missed one


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In the depths of out souls lie our deepest insecurities meet me there and ill know your really good for me

The worst thing about life is saying goodbye to the ones you love. Life has a funny way of knocking you down when your trying your best to come back up. I am a strong believer in what doesnt kill you makes you stronger, through out my life I have experienced so much pain it has made me who I am today. Things have never really worked out for me but here I am, I am the man my life has made me, I need improvements but I believe in me. I wouldnt change the past because changing the past would be like changing a part of me, and I wont change for anyone or anything.

Person who broke your heart has a bad break up you send message saying heyy are you ok?? and you get no reply.. cant say i didnt try and never say i didnt care…

The key to self accomplishment lies in self confidence