The world today sees a man as someone who doesnt cry because it makes him weak and doesnt show emotion because its exposes his weakness.
In reality a real man isnt afraid to cry because every tear thats shed leaves room for strength to fill the void and he shows how he is feeling because when weakness is exposed it is easily molded into a strength.


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life is full of death, but without death life is meaningless. i have lost more people in my life then i care to count. the most recent death in my life has had the greatest impact. although i miss him and regret not being the son i should have been i cant bring my self to shed a tear for him. we were never close and for that i am sorry but it was hard to be close with someone who was never around. when i was told that he was dead all the times i sat up waiting for phone calls as a kid or waiting at the door for him to pick me up flashed like a flood into my mind and all i could feel was anger. i felt as though he left me on my own once again. i was filled with rage that over powered the sadness and stopped the tears before the started. that day i made myself a promise that the day i have kids i would be there for them no matter what happened and i would never leave them. now that time has gone by since that day i have thought more and more about the reason why he did what he did and still i remain without an answer and i will forever be with this unanswered question. i have tried to let the tears flow because i know inside it will make me feel so much better but i cant do it. i loved my father and now that he is gone i regret all the times when i could have told him and didnt a simple i love you could have saved his life but i wouldnt tell him that. i was angry at him for never being their for me when i was younger but now i see that my childish grudge stopped us from becoming closer to being father and son and for that i am sorry i just wish you were still here for me to say it to your face R.I.P dad 

the moment when someone asks why your mad and you say im not mad and they say yes you are….wtf now i am i forgot you know how im feeling better then i do…smh at ppl these days